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5 Reasons Your Cat Will Love Genius Litter™

Discover why cat owners are raving about our magical litter!

Innovative Health Monitoring

Genius Litter's innovative formula monitors your cat's health while keeping your home smelling fresh and clean. With our special silica crystals, odors are trapped and absorbed, creating a hassle-free experience for you and your feline friend. Plus, our color-changing technology detects any urinary changes that could signal early warning signs of illnesses or diseases, giving you peace of mind over your cat's health.

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Low-Tracking and Dust-Free Formula

Say goodbye to tracking litter all over your house! Our low-tracking and dust-free formula ensures that there is no mess created when it comes time to refill - just once a month with our non-clumping formula! With Genius Litter, you can rest assured that cleaning up after your furry friend won't be an arduous task anymore!

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Unmatched Convenience And Performance

Re-think traditional litter boxes with Genius Litter's non-clumping formula that requires less scooping than normal litters. Let the specially designed silica crystals trap unpleasant odors instead.Whats more, the easy-to-refill box needs attention only once-a-month. Our unique tracking-free technology allows us to keep the area hygienic without any hassle.

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Exceptional Feline Health Care Solution

At Genius Litter™ we believe in making things easier for pet owners. Without the hassle of clumps, Genius Litter helps to capture urine abnormalities thanks to color-changing tech. While we monitor their health, your kitty can relaxingly handle their business on top-of-the-line litter like they deserves!

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Easy Refills For Your Daily Lives

Never fear running out of litter again! Our once-a-month refills will keep litterbox maintenance easy and convenient, allowing you to stay on top of things without having to make constant trips to the store. Plus, with our non-clumping formula, cleanup is a breeze - no more endless scooping!

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"Genius Litter™ has revolutionized the way I care for my feline friends. It’s the perfect solution for pet owners who want to ensure that their cats stay healthy and happy. I love how it gives me insights into my cats’ wellbeing, while also being easy to use and maintain!"

— Happy Pet Owner

The Cat Litter of the Future

Nice acting litter...but the detector feature was really invaluable, ended up taking my cat to vet after seeing the change in the litter-turns out my cat was going into distress...probably saved her. Great product.

Jennifer (Cat Owner)

Verified Buyer

Some owners don't realize their cat is coping with an illness until the disease has progressed significantly, making treatment more difficult. I'm so excited about Genius Litter because it detects changes in your cat's urine, giving you the inside scoop on their health.

Katherine (Veterinarian)

Verified Buyer

I actually have only one cat but because he is a large 20 pounder & a heavy wetter. So far I'm very impressed that the urine has been wicked up & not puddling at the bottom of the pan. I was surprised that one bag fill the oversized pan to 2 inches. I certainly feel the product is worth the price.

Micah (Cat Owner)

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Monitor your cat's health with the safer and cleaner alternative to traditional clay litter. Genius Litter is made of super absorbent, odor-trapping crystals that change colors based on the health of your cat's urine.

Health Indicator changes colors to detect potential health issues.

Highly Absorbent crystals absorb urine in seconds, leaving no trace and no odor.

Non-Clumping Formula means less scooping and once a month refills.

Low-Tracking litter does not stick to paws.

Dust-Free minerals are pet and family friendly.

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