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Genius Litter

Bouncy Fish Toy

Bouncy Fish Toy

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Satisfy your pet’s natural instincts with the motion-activated Bouncy Fish Toy. Featuring a durable cover and rechargeable battery, just let it flop, and your pet will be obsessed for hours.

 Realistic Fish that flops when it detects motion
 Rechargeable Battery provides long-lasting fun
 Reduces Separation Anxiety by keeping your pet busy
 Provides Mental Stimulation with interactive playtime
 Machine-Washable cover makes cleaning easy

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    Everyday Health Monitoring made easy

    A color-changing litter formula that catches urine abnormalities all while outlasting the competition. Each color gives you honest insight into whether your cat is at risk for illness or disease.

    SICK CAT Symptom Checker

    Get the scoop on your cat’s health.
    You don’t have to wait for an emergency to care for your cat. Just check the color of their litter.

    Refill once a month

    Up to 80% lighter

    Scoop Less

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