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Why Genius Litter Really is Genius

You don’t have to wait for an emergency to care for your cat. Our color-changing litter formula detects signs of illness, keeping you and your cat healthy and happy.

Enhance My Cat's Wellness
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Color-Changing Technology

Our revolutionary indicator crystals change color to detect urine abnormalities, giving you the power to monitor your cat’s health with ease.

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Long Lasting Absorption

Genius Litter outperforms the competition by absorbing more and lasting longer, reducing the hassle of frequent litter changes and refills.

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Non-Clumping Formula

Experience a cleaner home and fewer paw prints with our non-clumping, low-tracking litter, ensuring your floors stay pristine.

Trusted by Over 500,000+ Customers and Cat Health Professionals

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  • Happiest, Healthier Life for my Kitties

  • Best & Smartest Kitty Litter

  • Fresh & Odor Free Home with Genius Litter

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  • Genius Litter is Amazing

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We collaborated with experts to curate our product assortment so you don't have to second-guess whether the products you're considering are suitable for your pet.


Longevity Of 1 Bag

Health Monitoring

Low Dust & Low Tracking

Advanced odor control

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Genius Litter

4+ Weeks


Up to 2 Weeks

Plant Based

Up to 2 Weeks


Up to 2 Weeks

Need Help?

We designed every bag of Genius Litter to last one month for a medium-sized cat in a standard litter box. When pouring Genius Litter into your litter box, ensure a litter coverage of 2" deep.

Our silica gel crystals are made of teeny, tiny pores in each grain. This makes Genius Litter extremely absorbent, more than clay litter, so you need less of it to do the same job.Since Genius Litter absorbs so well, it means only one bag is needed to last you and your cat a whole month. This is why our bags are smaller and lighter.

Genius Litter uses naturally occurring mineral silica gel, which is safe for your cat and eco-friendly.We carefully source and manufacture our silica microgels, and our partner facilities use the highest quality control benchmarks.

Our silica gel crystals are non-clumping and have the added benefit of odor elimination.