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1 bag per cat, per month

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3 Reasons Why Genius Litter Really is Genius

Cats, driven by their survival instinct, are masters at concealing illness. Genius Litter helps you effortlessly monitor your feline companions' health.


Everyday health monitoring made easy with a color-changing litter formula that catches urine abnormalities. Receive instant insight into your cat's heath.


Traditional litter has a smelly history Our advanced odor control means your home can smell better, for longer.


Litter is heavy, not ours! This 6 pound bag is delivered to your home making it super easy for you to spend less time at the pet store, and more time doing what matter

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How does Genius Litter work?

In this video, we're diving deep into the magic behind our innovative cat litter. Discover the science and technology that make Genius Litter a game-changer for both you and your feline friend.

Two Paws Up

Some owners don't realize their cat is coping with an illness until the disease has progressed significantly, making treatment more difficult. I'm so excited about Genius Litter because it detects it right away! And the L-Lysine supplements help keep my girl healthy, too.

Katie C.

Verified Buyer

So far this litter has exceeded my expectations. My cats used it with no problems, it's so easy to scoop, and it's not tracked all over my house like our old litter. I only review things that I feel NEED to be reviewed, and this was one. If you’re on the fence about this type of litter, drop everything you are doing and buy it. You will NOT be disappointed!

Meshala L.

Verified Buyer

The best litter I’ve ever bought! It’s clean, dust free, and odor free. Plus, it also has the benefit of monitoring your cats urinary tract health. It’s a must have for all cat owners! Love the supplements, too.

Anaya S.

Verified Buyer

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You could say we’re the cat’s meow.

No heavy clumps

Absorbs odor


Weekly refills


Genius Litter




“Smart” litter that detects irregularities & diseases

Orange - Albumin

May indicate metabolic acidosis or kidney tubular acidosis.

Yellow - Normal

Dark yellow/olive green indicates cat urine within the typical range.

Red - Blood

May indicate bladder crystals, feline lower urinary tract disorder, or certain types of kidney disease.

Green - Abnormal PH Level

Can indicate an abnormal pH level in your cat’s urine.

Blue - Abnormal Alkaline Level

May indicate certain types of urinary tract infections or increased risk of stone formation.

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Meet Our Veterinarians

We collaborated with experts to curate our product assortment so you don't have to second-guess whether the products you're considering are suitable for your pet.

- Dr. Ross Bernstein

- Dr. Addie Reihnard

-Dr. Jo De Klerk

Got Questions?

How many cats can one bag handle?

We designed every bag of Genius Litter to last one month for one medium-sized cat in a standard litter box.